3 West Coast Airports

I’ve put together 3 simple airports for the west coast, Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika. These  use default objects and correct some issues compared to the real-world location of runways etc.



Unfortunately, Westport has a blurry shoreline near the airport. I should probably fix that.

You can download the three airports here. Simple put these 3 folders in your custom scenery folder to install.

Categories: Flight Simulation

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  1. It looks like great work Sir. I just wish I could make it work. Is there anywhere you have a “complete” set of instructions? I don’t mean a general set that the knowledgeable can use, I mean a set of instructions that dummies for orthos can use. Step by step with nothing assumed and nothing missing.

    I have said for a long time the problem with signposts in a town is that the person putting them up know where they are and they know where they are going.

    I once had a wonderful example of this leaving Glasgow in Scotland. To go south we had to drive on the M6 (M for motorway) and then the M74. So traveling down the M6 we came to a group of signs on those huge green boards that hover above the motorways. One had on it “M74” with an arrow pointing ahead. Great we thought, the M74 is ahead of us. Problem was we never found it and eventually turned off across country.

    So what was the problem?
    Well the answer was this – the M6 became the M74 at that sign. I had never heard of such a thing in my life before (or since), one motorway 2 different numbers.
    And the point? well all the sign writers had to do was write “You are now on the M74” and we would have understood.
    But they didn’t because they knew what was going on and assumed that everyone else would know as well.

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