Otago Patch: Chip off the old block

Here’s another patch which is actually new scenery, as this tile is missing from the original release. It’s a really small chip out of Otago,  just south of Oamaru and a must have for fliers out of NZOU.

Here’s the beforehand with a wedge of autogen, you can see NZOU at the top:


Here’s the new tile in red, mostly sea:


And the final result:


Because it’s so small, the new tile is tiny. You can download it here.

Categories: Flight Simulation

6 replies

  1. Thanks once again! Currently inbound in the Eclipse to Wanaka from Christchurch by way of Lake Coleridge and the Alps on a bright and crisp afternoon. The views are simply remarkable and well worth the thousand bucks I had to pay for a 2tb EVO 850 SSD to make room for this scenery (and future XP developments) as well as all the other more boring clutter I need for work. -) Samsung EVO 850 is a superb piece of kit, btw. When optimised, it cut my XP loading time from 3m 40 sec to 2m 7sec with the old Samsung 500gb EVO 840.

  2. Oh, and having just touched down at Wanaka, there appear to be two parallel runways. I think one of them belongs to you -)

  3. There seems to be problem with /yOrtho4XP_Overlays/ on this tile

  4. Mmmm good point – the overlay will need to be added to the overlay folder as this is a new tile. It will be a small addition I’ll make soon.

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