Cleaning up Lake Rotoiti

Trevor rightly pointed out that Lake Rotoiti is mostly white or full of digital noise instead of looking like a lake. This was caused by reflections off the water and light bouncing and artefacting in the lens. I ignored it because I assume it will be masked out like the ocean is. It doesn’t look great so I’ve cleaned it up and put it into a small patch.

I’ve gone back and thrown in some deep blue borrowed from Lake Rotoroa next door. Here’s the results:


You can download this patch here. Just throw the files into the texture folder for the tile -42+172. You will need to copy over the old files.

Thanks to those that have donated! It’s very much appreciated. If you like what you see in this package you can pay whatever you consider fair value here.

Categories: Flight Simulation

3 replies

  1. Thank you for both patches. No doubt other minor glitches will pop up during the exploration of rarely visited parts of the South Island, but what you have achieved is outstanding.

  2. Thank you 🙂

  3. Much better Lake, Ta.
    Just been up the sounds for a low level VFR. Anything you can do with the water climbing up the sides of the hills. Coming out of Picton on the Eastern side is the worse and a little up Tory Channel near the entrance Eastern side. The rest you can get away with being High tide being only small pockets of the offending tide mark, I think it is due to the colouring for the shallows, could be wrong of course !!
    Can you lift Mabel Island up, at the entrance to Picton harbour ?

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