Heading to Westport

Working with my spare time in photoshop I’ve not really had time to do any flying in X-Plane recently. So, I opened up FSEconomy and took a job taking some passengers from Nelson to Westport. 

It didn’t take long to see my first issue! Some un-edited imagery has snuck in at the last minute. This is a good example of what the ortho would look like untouched! I think it’s easily fixed.

It’s pretty awesome seeing the landscape accurately reflected, I get a real sense of the vast areas that are uninhabited, but without the dull repetition of a desert. It seems like this ortho is going to be great for VFR flyers. That’s primarily why I made it, as I hop all over the country taking jobs on FSEconomy.  Aside from just seeing the accurately reflected valleys and rivers, I also noticed forestry works, with huge patterned clearings, something that is missing with auto-gen scenery.

So still lots to do! As before, if you’ve downloaded and appreciate the work, feel free to donate to help resource the effort!

Edit: Fixed the textures shown above! Will link to a patch file shortly:

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8 replies

  1. How did you learn this incredible skill? Great work

    • photoshop? probably from photography. It’s actually not that hard!

      • Your skill with this scenery and editing is a blessing…i wouldn’t have had the patience. After years of tweaking fsx and building computers your distraction to a better sim with superb scenery is a welcome relief. I just have to get head around the North Island scenery crash in X Plane

  2. Thank you very much for your hard work, it’s very much appreciated.

    Donation sent 🙂

  3. Didn’t get as far as Westport, left Omaka and went up the valley, terrific detail and colour.
    Braided river bed and even the detail at the Branch hydro with the holding lakes and canal down to the to the power station. The hill sides look natural with the snow line and the timber loging breaks.

    Unfortunately at St Arnaud the artist went on walkabout The lovely blue Lake Rotoiti has turned 80% milky and the rest has coloured disk’s of red/green/purple.
    From there on the green textures are way to vivid even effecting the Buller river which lost it’s blue colour. Lake Rotoroa has it’s natural dark blue that Rotoiti should have had.

    Looking forward to more adventures with this great addon.


  1. Cleaning up Lake Rotoiti – Lyndiman's Blog

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