WIP – Bright pixels aren’t so smart

Here’s a quick look at some issues of using the JAXA GeoTIFFs for high fidelity elevation data. These custom files result in more polygons, so better lighting and a more realistic looking landscape. But for some reason the TIFF have bright pixels which in the data represents about 50 square metres of space having an elevation of 30,000 ft in a landscape that is at 1200 ft. Here’s a look in sim:

Before - bright pixels.JPG

Firstly, this shouldn’t be such a big issue. Ortho4XP uses a curve tolerance and smooths the landscape, so this should be processed in the same way noise reduction fixes images.

Here’s a look at the GeoTIFF area of interest. The darker the area, the lower the altitude.

Before - bright pixels1.JPG

After ‘fixing’ the GeoTIFF:

Before - bright pixels2.JPG

Categories: Flight Simulation

4 replies

  1. Nicely done, are there many of these? I like the headline for this post as well, very clever 🙂

  2. Wow bizarre. Funny that you’re having these issues when we’ve used the same data.

    • Something has happened to my Ortho4XP – when I hit the bottom of the south island it has started putting in flat tiles and not smoothing properly. UGH! All fixable so far though.

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