Runway double vision

A weird element to using Ortho in X-Plane is that if any overlay is out of position, you’ll see it again in the ortho underneath. Milford Sound Airport is a good example of that. Right now it’s quite out of position compared to the ortho-photography, runway and all.

This is usually because someone has created the airport using the location imported from X-Plane which was created slightly off from reality. The obvious fix is to use WED to move the airport into position, but it gets a little tricky to share that around.

In the past I’ve fixed a few bugs with airports, like airliners that take off and land on grass runways. To fix it, I’ve imported the Gateway airport scenery, add my fixes and submitted it to the Gateway along with some comments. Unfortunately, these get rejected because it’s treated like plagiarism (I guess). So the only way for me to fix a glaring issue and share it around is to start the airport from scratch?

So, I’m more than happy to fix the airport position to align perfectly with the ortho, but I can’t submit that to the Gateway to be included in a future X-Plane patch. So my ortho project might look bad in places because of it. Alternatively, I could zip up the airports and link them here for people to grab. It’s just a simple folder to add to the Custom Scenery folder. Or, I could give instructions on how to edit scenery in WED, so people can do it all themselves. Surely it would just be better to just allow people to edit other people’s submissions to the Gateway with attribution?

If you like making airports that you fly to have 3D scenery, PLEASE use this. It’s a great tool for importing aerial photography into WED, so that when you add buildings, carparks, hangars, etc you can ensure that it all perfectly aligns with the real world. That way, it will align perfectly with the Ortho-photography inside X-Plane!

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3 replies

  1. Is there a way to exclude your ortho at Milford ?
    There are several different Milford sounds for XP11 not counting the default gateway.

  2. I would be happy to download an adjusted set of airports to match the ortho, especially if you’re making the fix for yourself anyway. Its not like you’re taking the airport and calling it your own, merely matching it to a base layer as mentioned.

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