WIP – Southern Alps

I did a little bit of work last night along the West Coast of the South Island. I’d say that this is Mt Aspiring National Park. Some of the ortho photos look amazing and the general theme seems to be that New Zealand is mostly uninhabited, which is not something, as an Aucklander, I can fully appreciate most of the time. I’ve seen some awesome images of valleys, rock cliffs, waterfalls and more. Even finding a road is rare.

I know a lot of people like flying around Milford Sound and the Southern Alps. Hopefully I can keep the quality up. Removing clouds is the most time consuming task, and I’ve only seen one of two images that have been very hard to clean up accurately. If the clouds are obscuring most of the ground I don’t have much choice but to leave a mostly blank image of ground texture.

At Zoom Level 17 this should give VFR flyers the confidence to fly where ever they need to go without a concern for a drop the quality.

Here are a few quick shots I grabbed over the West Coast. Unfortunately my screen caps seem to suffer from really bad image compression. So you’ll have to take my word that the quality is a lot higher inside the sim.

Categories: Flight Simulation

2 replies

  1. Good to see the south island coming along!
    I do have a slight problem though: I am still only a third of the way in processing the north island. (converting the JPG to DDS. Is there a batch file that you can put together that converts all of the one by one, perhaps? That would help me and other a lot I think. I don’t have much time to spend at the PC and when I do, I’d rather fly! 🙂

  2. I just started up 5 or 10 conversion processes at once and walked away. Thinking about it I could create a script that calls each one sequentially. Maybe I’ll look at that next time.

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