NZ Orthophotography: Donationware

I just took a minute and setup a PayPal donation service to help fund the costs of putting together a high quality set of orthos for the entire of NZ.

Firstly, a note about donation-ware – you really aren’t buying anything, it’s simply a recognition for the work done, a show of support. It’s a donation, so I’d recommend people not put any money down upfront. I hate how games are pushing prepayments for unfinished work.

At this stage I plan to release the North Island broken up into a series of regions as separate torrents. The North Island is more straight forward than the South Island.

Any money donated will go towards hard drives and internet bandwidth. If I struggle, it will be because this ends up being many hundreds of gigs, so I’ll probably need at least double the space for both backups and Photoshop working space. I’m also thinking that a typical desktop HDD will be thrashed constantly seeding a torrent. It will likely fail a lot faster than normal.

As an aside I plan to work a little more with my original idea of editing things that break immersion. Here’s a list of where most people fly at low altitude (taxi, takeoff and landing):

  1. Auckland Airport
  2. Christchurch Airport
  3. Wellington Airport
  4. Queenstown Airport
  5. Dunedin Airport
  6. Nelson Airport
  7. Hawkes Bay Airport
  8. Palmerston North Airport
  9. New Plymouth Airport
  10. Hamilton Airport
  11. Tauranga Airport
  12. Invercargill Airport
  13. Blenheim Airport
  14. Rotorua Airport

So I was thinking it would be the best bang for buck if I edited the ortho around these airports so that roofs weren’t painted on the ground, and other immersion breaking things are removed.

For testing, the donation link is:


I’m interested to here any suggestions people may have on how this can work best!

As an update, I should have the West coast along the Waikato and the Te Urewera / Gisborne done now. I just need to convert the final images to DDS and test it in sim. After that I have East Cape, Auckland and Northland to go, followed by final clean up and testing.

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8 replies

  1. Hello there!
    Great news! I would be interested in the whole NZ if possible!
    I really look forward to it!
    Some bush flying around NZ in remote locations would be great!

  2. Clicked the link to download and PayPal gives an error. Have you got the correct link?

  3. PayPal link works for me!

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