WIP – Bay of Plenty

A few more shots from around the north east of Lake Taupo. You can see Kaingaroa forest. A very large forestry plantation. I’ve also include a photo from space which shows there’s still some colour changes, but this is mostly only noticeable from very high altitude.

Next I’ll work towards the Waikato and remove the blue tints there.

Categories: Flight Simulation

3 replies

  1. Be interesting to see your results around the Southern Alps as I’m flying there at the moment in the DHC-2 Beaver. Just about to fly into Milford Sound and then over to Queenstown.

    • Yeah I threw ortho away after seeing the results from Google and Bing making little tiger stripes of the southern alps!

      I’m purposefully leaving the South Island to last as I want it to be higher quality.

      • ARCGIS has been a pretty decent source for me for both NZ and AUS (and Chile =) ) as most of the tiles are OK.

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