Flying Euro Truck Simulator (DCS: Mag 8)

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 (NATO: Hip) was something I picked up straight away, got a few first impressions of and then got distracted.

I had been meaning to take a look at this a bit closer for quite some time and now I have I really enjoy it. It flies quite differently to the Huey and Black Shark. Firstly it’s big, and powerful, but it also has a stability system, so it’s much more forgiving than the Huey. Unless of course you forget to turn it on or disconnect it through low rotor RPM power outages…

In the campaign you start out with various ass and trash jobs. This escalates later, I’m currently up to mission 4 and have just completed my firing range mission. Constantly transitioning to different phases of flight keeps it interesting and getting lost is a constant threat if you don’t keep an eye on the compass and kneeboard (I’ve not cheated so far!)

In case you are wondering, I’m using the custom cockpit textures by Devrim and also an HDR mod and custom ground textures.

Wouldn’t a DCS Chinook or Black Hawk be nice? Stay tuned to for more play through videos as I go through the campaign.

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  1. Hi Lyndiman, I am experiencing some difficulty in unzipping the Devrim files for the custom cockpit textures. Your assistance will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • I used 7zip and replaced the files that I wanted overwritten. I think that if you leave the folder unzipped it will still work but I also noticed that it didn’t update all the textures straight away which was a mystery.

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