Guide FSEconomy in X-Plane 10

Setting up X-Plane to work with FSEconomy can be frustrating, so here’s what works for me.

Firstly here’s some resources to help you fly around Australia. Bookmark these:

Charts: here.

Flight plans generator: here.

Secondly, you’ll need a FSEconomy account. Request an account here.

Download the necessary plugins Python interface

Put the Python interface folder in your X-Plane installation here: X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins

Create a folder called  ‘PythonScripts’ in your plugins folder

Copy X-Economy ( to ‘PythonScripts’

Then go here. Install this one: Python 2.7.5 Windows X86-64 Installer (Windows AMD64 / Intel 64 / X86-64 binary — does not include source)


Then load x-plane and see if you get x-economy under the plugins menu. It should be installed!

Comment below if you have any issues.

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3 replies

  1. Oh yaaa?!
    I have like 350hrs in FSEconomy with FS-9 … all small field with twin engines of various sorts. A ton of good fun!

    BTW just before I quit there was a great mapping app … could watch your flight path in it. Sweet!

    p.s. have you done VATSim?

    • I’ve not done VATSIM yet, I think they are still working on the plugin for X-Plane 64-bit.

      I use Airtrack, an app on my iPad which connects to X-Plane over my WIFI. It allows me to change radios frequencies, setup the GPS flight plan and has the glass cockpit stuff. So there’s no problem setting the autopilot and picking up the iPad and going into the kitchen with it and still keeping an eye on your dials.

      • /*Sorry lag; apparently I hadn’t subscribed*/
        That’s brilliant! Something I want to do with DCS: I have a wonderful / venerable old Toshiba Toughbook, with a touchscreen that’s far too addictive. I’m wondering if I can install some instrumentation on that. It’s running Win98SE. The external drive died ages ago, but it has USB, WiFi, and LAN, so would love to press it into service.

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