Patrol Ops 3 Release Candidate for ARMA 3

Patrol Ops 3 had another run in the sun with a release candidate being tested by OCB members and invited public players. We had about 40 players connected and the framerate and performance were excellent aside from a few minutes of desync at the start as we waited for ACRE to initialize.

What is Patrol Ops 3?

Developed by [OCB]EightySix, Patrol Ops 3 is a dynamic co-op mission that spawns tasks for players to complete. This means that no two games are the same.

I’ll give you a quick example of a task, the system chooses a mission type: Rescue a POW, it looks for a suitable location on the map and finds a nice open field, it then builds an enemy base and populates it with enemy defences and satellite patrols and spawns the task with all the information required to carry it out.

The players then work together to recon the area and choose a strategy that fits their play style. Once the POW is rescued the process repeats with another type of mission in another part of the map. All of the clean up is handled automatically so the performance is maintained.

It also features:

  • A Virtual Ammobox System. You equipment can be saved for respawns, future revisions will save favourite loadouts even between games!
  • A Custom Halo Jump system that keeps your backpack on
  • Possible day/night changes between tasks to simulate time passing
  • An in the field Rally Point system that allows respawning in the field (via a pitched tent)
  • A custom HUD system that lets you change view distance, grass levels and setup an overhead HUD to see players names, class/vehicle and orientation
  • An Anti-Troll system disabling shots/grenades at base unless it is under attack by the enemy
  • A huge array of parameters to define the type of game you want to play such as town capture, re-construction etc
  • Headless Client Integration so servers can take advantage of the multi-threaded configuration

How do I get Patrol Ops 3 on my server?

It will be publicly available very soon. The next release candidate is being prepared based off feedback from our testing session.

In other news, I’m working on another X-Plane video, I’ve spent a lot of time flying between Alice Springs and the airfields around it, such as Ayres Rock, a famous tourist destination. I’ve also started putting together airfields using World Editor 1.2 and plan on adding these to the global scenery package that Laminar Research are putting together to get airfields populated. More on this in another post!

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