ARMA 3 the departure

ARMA 3 is out this year. The community alpha is a matter of weeks away (6 and I’m counting). As part of the evolution of the franchise we’re going to see a range of enhancements to the game engine, AI and game play with a new campaign set in the ‘near’ future. I can’t wait…

Some have been a bit miffed about how ARMA has departed from ‘reality’. ARMA 3 is taking this into the future with weapons that aren’t yet common or didn’t make it into production at all. Here’s my thinking: firstly, it was always set in an alternate reality with a fictional cold war conflict in the 1980’s. Secondly, modders will get a hold of the platform and bring in all the units and maps they want. I’m a big fan of the basic M4 rifle! Thirdly, I really play this game for online multi-player only. So the single player campaign is something I only really bother with once or twice.

Incidentally ARMA has always used fictional territories for it’s setting, whilst ARMA 3 is set on a Greek Island of Limnos. So in that regard ARMA 3 is more realistic and plausable than Operation Flashpoint or ARMA ever was.  A minor controversy any PR company would salivate over was suitably stirred: It’s not like they’re flying planes into buildings or anything…

Limnos images

Limnos Island from ARMA 3

Now here’s the really exciting part:


  • Ragdoll Animations & vehicle physics
  • New facial animation methods
  • New particle effects
  • New character animations
  • New stances & variations of stances
  • Weapon attachments configuration on the fly
  • New lighting system
  • Improved audio position & range effects
  • Underwater infiltration and combat
  • Vehicle picture in picture, mirrors, gauges and steering hand animation
  • New Java scripting tech
  • 4x the ground textures
  • Improved flight model (multi-player only)

New Animation and Lighting Teaser Trailer

Recent work has been announced regarding new motion capture that has taken place. Also the HDR lighting has been reworked. Check out the sneak preview:

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